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Whether or not you believe burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change, no one can dispute that engine exhaust harms the environment and people; our reference page presents some of the many studies demonstrating how pollution damages health, appearance, mood, and brainpower. Engine exhaust increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer as well as affecting your performance in school, at work, and even in the bedroom. But such problems develop so insidiously that rarely are they linked to their causes; instead, they are often attributed to bad luck, genetics, and aging, all of which are difficult to evade.

Result? People tend to minimize these threats. Realistically, even if they cared, when it came to leaf removal, they didn't have any good options: unless their yard was tiny enough to make raking feasible, they would be exposed to exhaust from a leaf blower, lawn vacuum, mower, or tractor. Unfortunately, engine exhaust is just one of the many dangers linked to leaf removal. You can't entirely escape that risk even if you hire someone to remove leaves because the dust and other hazards kicked up by blowers and vacuums can spread hundreds of feet with even a trace of wind and substantially more with greater wind velocity, affecting not only your family but others in the neighborhood.

Engines gave people so much power that most stopped looking for better, more efficient ways to do things. Here's an example: the currently most powerful backpack blower has 4.3 horsepower yet generates a mere 9 pounds of airstream force. This explains why leaf blowers move leaves quickly when the leaf cover is thin but that slows to a crawl when the pile thickens. This is why for years every fall I frequently hear the whine of my neighbor's leaf blower most of the day even though their yard isn't particularly large. Silence is golden, but the tranquility of my falls are shattered by the racket emitted from that single blower. If you live in a more densely populated area with leaf blowers or vacuums surrounding you, the torment is even worse.

Most green products sacrifice performance in exchange for environmental and personal benefits. With Leaf Magnets™, you needn't sacrifice anything; they are superior in every way, with none of the drawbacks of competitive methods and advantages they don't offer.

This is a great opportunity for those who care about the environment to help it by telling others about this breakthrough. Or perhaps you are an investor, major retailer, manufacturer, or know one. Or your community might want to ban leaf blowers but won't until there is a better alternative. Now there is!

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